Cozaar: A Definition, Clinical Uses And Side Effects

Cozaar is being marketed and sold by the pharmaceutical company Merck & Company inc. Cozaar is a trade name used by them for the chemical component Losartan which is an antagonist for angiotensin 2 receptors.

Clinical Uses Of Cozaar: Indicatons for the use of Cozaar therapy are hypertensive patients to control blood pressure by reducing to normal levels as much as possible. Cozaar bitcoin is used in treating systematically patients with arterial hypertension, even though it has been proven with time the efficacy of Neifedipine a calcium channel blocking drug and Hydrochlorthiazide a Thiazide diuretic in the treatment of arterial hypertension, it is also understood that angiotensin 2 receptor antagonists like Cozaar is used as first choice of drug in patients with arterial hypertension who are below fifty five years of age, who are intolerant to ACE inhibitors and in patients with diabetes type 2 who are having diabetic neuropathy, Cozaar is used to reduce the progression of renal destruction . Cozaar is helpful in patients with hypertension complicated with myocardial defective diseases or stroke; this means that buy Cozaar bitcoin is helpful in patients with severe cardiovascular disorders by significantly reducing cardiovascular morbidity for comparable blood pressure reduction. Cozaar is also believed to produce a marked slowdown aortic enlargement in Marfan and related syndromes; Cozaar is also researched as a drug for the protection against loss of damaged muscle or loss of aging muscle. It is also recently being researched that Cozaar is helpful as a cognitive enhancer, with believe that it improves memory in people who have normal blood pressure and are under normal conditions.
The effectiveness of Cozaar could be affected by a change in life style targeted at stress reduction and inclusion of exercise and a beneficial diet plan. It is best to carry out a kidney function test and your levels of potassium to monitor the progress of the treatment using Cozaar, also it is necessary to constantly check your blood pressure to avoid overdose of the drug during the course of the therapy.

What Cozaar Does: Cozaar being a selectiveangiotensin 2 receptor competitor reduces the kidney's response to angiotensin 2. When Cozaar btc is administered it decreases the afterload (total peripheral resistance) and preload (cardiac venous return)., it also reduces all other normal effects and action of angiotensin 2 such as the stimulation of the release of aldosterone, plasma rennin activity is increased due to the removal of the angiotensin 2 feedback mechanism. Cozaar also has a beneficial effect on the mitochondria by reversing the possible age related dysfunctions in maintaining the normal blood pressure and also the usage of energy.

Side Effects Of Cozaar: The side effects that are notices with the administration of Cozaar includes: dizziness which is as a result of your body adjusting to the medication, to reduce the severity of dizziness and light headedness caused by the use of buy Cozaar btc it is advised to get up from a sitting or a lying position gradually and slowly. Other side effects that are seen in patients that use Cozaar therapy includes allergic reactions, fainting, rash or itching on the skin, difficulty in breathing, hypotension, swelling of the tongue or face, palpitations and unusual heart beats, headaches.

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