Cialis Professional For Better Treatment Of Sexual Dysfunction

Cialis Professional is a stronger version of the generic Cialis medication. Cialis Professional acts faster to bring about a cure to erectile dysfunction. Its use results in faster, longer lasting and bigger erections for enhanced sexual satisfaction. Cialis Professional allows patients to better enjoy and become fulfilled in their sexual activity.
Cialis Professional allows users to have prolonged sexual experience of up to 48 hours. If the erections last longer, the patient should consult his doctor. The patient is endowed with extended stamina to enjoy the experience. The uptake of buy Cialis Professional bitcoin is quite fast and should be taken at least half an hour prior to engaging in sexual activity.
Cialis Professional performed very well in drug trials with almost three quarters of participants who received the drug experiencing improvement in the treatment of their sexual dysfunction.
Cialis Professional works by promoting the effects of nitric oxide in the nerves, relaxing and expanding the blood vessels in the penis to their fullest capacity, and boosting blood flow. This results in a stronger erection for the user and enhanced sexual stimulation.

Dosage: Cialis Professional is not a medication to be taken on a regular basis but rather as and when needed. The packaging will indicate the correct dosage to take. A patient should not indulge in more than one dosage of Cialis Professional per 48 hour period.
In the event of an overdose of Cialis Professional, patients will suffer symptoms such as dizziness, irregular heartbeat and possible chest pains. If such symptoms should arise from an overdose of Cialis Professional, the patient should immediately visit the hospital to have the situation managed.
When ingesting Cialis Professional, the patient should avoiding having a meal with high fat content as that may inhibit the effectiveness of Cialis Professional btc.

Precautions: When taking Cialis Professional, it is advisable that the patient not consume copious amounts of alcohol as that will further thin the blood and could result in low blood pressure, increased heartbeat and light-headedness. Cialis Professional should also not be mixed in with other medication used to treated male impotency.
For elderly patients the dosage of Cialis Professional should be strictly controlled by the doctor. Its use in such cases will require keener attention. It may even be forbidden if there is a heart condition to contend with.
If patients are already on medication containing nitrates, has recently had a stroke, suffered any heart ailment, or allergic to any compound used in the manufacture of Cialis Professional bitcoin, then its use should be prevented.
Cialis Professional should not be used by women and more so when they are expectant.

Possible Side Effects Of Cialis Professional: In the event of these symptoms after ingesting Cialis Professional, immediately go to the hospital to seek treatment: prolonged painful erection, chest pains, and shortness of breath, any allergic reaction and irregular heartbeat.
Some less severe reactions may occur with Cialis Professional, such as blurring of vision, itching, heat flashes, headaches, diarrhoea and mild dizziness. In such events that there is no need to rush to the hospital, be sure to discuss the side effects with your doctor before using buy Cialis Professional btc again.

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